Georgia Quarter Horse Youth Association


Congratulations to the 2024 GQHYA Officers:

President – Lena Sater
1st VP – Gracie Sater
2nd VP – Lanie Waldrip
Secretary / Treasurer - Graham Bell and Shane Hall
Activities Directors – Gracie Hall and Oakley Tate
Reporter - London Nietzer and Aidan Rizk
Social Media - Mary Kate Couey and Ellie Royal

Youth Director - Glenn Wells

GQHYA Code of Conduct Letter

The GQHA Board would like to welcome the new members of the GQHYA and congratulate all the GQHA youth members on thier accomplishments this year. We are so happy to see that our youth membership continues to grow. With this growth, we would like to revisit some of the codes of conduct for the Georgia Quarter Horse Youth Association. This will help our new members as well as remind our current members of the expectations and aspirations we have for each one of our youth.

Our main focus for our youth goes in line with the message that is sent nationally from AQHYA. We want to improve and develop the capabilities of our youth, individually and through group participation. This includes the care, training and handling of the American quarter horse.

Moral character is another main focus of GQHYA. High moral chracter through leadership, sportsmanship, participation and community involvement is of the utmost priority for our youth. Members of GQHYA are expected to uphold these characterisitics across all horse events, not just Georgia Quarter Horse shows. As a GQHYA member, you are considered a representative of our organization at all times.

In accordance with sportsmanship and leadership, we would like to remind our youth that this also includes behavior on social media. Social media should be used soley for the purpose of encouraging other members in all facets of thier horse career. Anything contrary will be considered a breach of conduct.

In the coming months, some of you will be attending several events representing GQHA. We would like to remind you that as a member of GQHYA, you are expected to extend the values that have been highlighted in the Georgia Quarter Horse bylaws which includes excellence, integrity and teamwork. Any member of GQHA who is unruly or disorderly at any equine related function will be subject to disciplinary actions according to the GQHA executive committee.

GQHA has a very talented group of youth and we are happy to support you in all of your dreams and aspirations. As you journey down your path of success in each of your events, remember that Georgia supports you to achieve all your dreams. Together we can aspire to be the best equestrians that Georgia has to offer.

Intent to Show / Hardship

If you have any questions,
please contact Glenn Wells at [email protected]

GQHA Scholarships

GQHA offers scholarships to current youth members to provide opportunities for deserving students who wish to further their education in a school or institution of their choice.
(The deadline for applications is June 15)

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